• Location-Based Services

Project Care Diary provides location-based solutions for patients, doctors, pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. The geo-tagging of physical locations such as pharmacies and clinics is carefully done to enhance the precision and improve the user experience.


Our sister company, Trinity Healthcare Enterprise, is primarily responsible for the CareDiary Project. The mission of Trinity Healthcare Enterprise is to build an integrated one-stop healthcare solution for the Myanmar healthcare industry. In addition, Trinity Healthcare aspires to empower people from the healthcare industry and patients with reliable information, tools, and solutions.



  • Personal Medication Organizer

Project Care Diary allows the patient to maintain their personal electronic medical records on their fingertip. Moreover, patients can set the medication reminder not to miss their medication or medical appointment reminder. We design the platform using a patient-centered approach to meet the daily needs of patients.


Drugs Database

Care Diary maintains the FDA-approved drugs information. We are striving to build a strong database of one of a kind in Myanmar. Correctness and completeness are the value we care about in building the database.

Healthcare Articles

One important feature of Project Care Diary is to publish high-quality articles related to public health, medical knowledge, medical practices, and best social practices for good health. Our content creators, in consultation with medical practitioners, regularly publish quality content.